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Game-bit of the day 827: Log Jammers (NES)

By : Luis Zena
So Mega Cat Studios has released a couple of new NES games into the market. This is one of them. Definitely worth a playthrough. I was very satisfied by this one. The game plays like a newer version of Pong except they throw each other axes and are balancing themselves on logs. You can use power ups to increase your chances at victory. After one player wins three rounds, the match is over!  

Ads from the past 396: Metal Gear (NES)

By : Luis Zena
Metal Gear by Ultra(Konami) is a game that can bother some while others will love it. I don't know exactly why, but I guess the best way to enjoy this game is with a lot of time in your hands, or an strategy guide. Your choice! Gotta love the gear on this add though...

Ads from the past 395: KB Toys Ad!

By : Luis Zena

Now, take a deep breath and check this ad out! Can you get any more classic than this? This is just beautiful! That NES though, needs to go down in price although if it's sealed then it's totally worth it! 

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